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Do you want to graduate as soon as possible?

Follow the more flexible and faster way.
Take the British A-levels with us.

Private lessons: at your very own pace

Focus on two subjects only

Flexible exams

The curriculum

The International A-levels, based on the British Cambridge syllabus, are the world's most widespread higher education entrance qualification and entitle students to study in Switzerland and in most countries around the world.

Main subjects



English as a Second Language

no issue at all for native speakers

Supplementary subjects

German as a Second Language

Natural Sciences

Global Citizenship

Study project in politics or social affairs


Three dates a year

With us in Zurich

Corrected in London

The teaching material is in English. However, we are also happy to explain in German in class.
We will register you for an exam as soon as you are ready. 

Coaching and Self-studying

We teach you in a focused and private way without unnecessary classroom teaching. You receive 1:1 support. This allows us to put your skills and needs at the centre of our work. We are also flexible in terms of space and time. With us, you practice learning effectively and efficiently on your own - a very important skill for studying and your career.



You take no risk with us and only pay for the hours you actually need. We can keep the costs low for you because we are not profit-maximising and do not maintain a luxury infrastructure. Our experience shows that our support until successful completion costs an average of 990 Swiss francs per month, given an exemplary two years' schedule. 

Many of our students receive a loan or a gift from parents or other relatives. However, for financing you can also work part-time.

Admission restrictions

There is no entrance exam: anyone may attempt the degree.

And you can join us at any time!



Reach your goals with us!

We are a team of three young, but experienced, and motivated teachers.